,,Hágóbérce" Nature Trail - 9. station - FARKASVÉSZ

We leave the ridge and descend to the Sprucewater valley. On the top of the mountain we can see Small Gentian carpets at the end of summer. Viviparous Lizard and European Adder are frequent here. On the steep south-facing slope the meadows give place to Juniper bushland with tall Spruce trees. On the open places we can observe the Mouse-ear Hawkweed, typical to dry places. Long time ago there were arable lands at the bottom of the slope, nowadays here are the sheep-pens. A little bit to the West there are several springs, visited by many animals, like the European Peacock and other insects. At the edge of the forest we can hear and observe Spotted Nutcracker, Dunnock, Goldcrest, Common Crossbill, Mistle Thrush and Ring Ouzel.