,,Vasond valley" Nature Trail - 3. station - TOP OF MUHAR

Between the House of Forest School and Iron stream is situated a ridge named Muhar. Its southern slope is covered by pastures, its northern slope by forest. On the edge of the forest we can observe many tree species: Norway Spruce, Beech, Sycamore Maple, Scots Pine, Larch, Common Juniper. There are many Dog Rose bushes on the pasture, here and there we can observe reddish rose gall on them. Sand Lizard is frequent here, while Viviparous Lizard is rarer. Red-winged Rattle Grasshoppers almost teem in autumn.
In clear weather the view from here is beautiful. We can see the mountains of the Carpathian Curve and the Lower Csík Basin with the surrounding mountains. What is that “little mole hill” to the West? (the volcanic cone of Nagy Somlyó). If the weather is clear, make a list and a map sketch about the mountains that you see.