,,Fenyővize" Nature Trail - 7.1. station - Hemp-retting ponds 2

The ponds fed by springs are habitats for many plant- and animal species. Interestingly, each pond has a different vegetation: one is dominated by Marsh Horsetail, the other by Branched Bur-reed, while in the third we can see two huge sedge tussocks. The open water surfaces are covered by Duckweed, which is one of the smallest flowering plants in Europe. On the water surface we can also see bouncing springtails and pond skaters, that take advantage of the surface tension. Pond skaters walk on the water with the help of fine air-filled hairs on their legs. In the water live the larvae of amphibious insects, like caddisflies and hawkers which breath with gills. On the other hand, backswimmers, water scorpions, mosquito larvae and diving beetles come to the surface to breath air.