,,Hágóbérce" Nature Trail - 5. station - HEAD OF ÁSTÚT

We turn to the north on Hágóbérce and descend to a saddle called the Head of Dug Road. This pass is the lowest point of the watershed on this section. On Hágóbérce there are still meadows, but to the north lie pastures for cattle and sheep. If we stop on the lowest point of the pass facing north, the waters on our left flow to Transylvania and to our right, to Moldavia. The high density of Plumeless Thistle and Stinging Nettle is the result of fertilization (places of former pens) and overgrazing. There is a young Sycamore Maple groove on the southern part of the pass.
Don`t be affraid of the sheep dogs. They only protect their territory. Try your self-control and don`t be angry with the shepherds. These Romanian shepherds have interesting huts with cellars covered with soil. Try and buy cheese and other products. The shepherds have many interesting tools and techniques to process sheepmilk.